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What I’m reading: “Soul of a Professor”

Published in 2022, “Soul of a Professor” documents Lisa Pruitt’s journey from childhood trauma through her time as an engineering professor at the University of California-Berkeley, one of the top engineering schools in the country. Her deep-seated feelings of inadequacy led her to develop an eating disorder and alcoholism at a very young age, and…

Rethinking Social Media

Over the past fifteen years, I have built a large network of friends and family on Facebook. I have shared memories with them, both good and bad, and Facebook gave me the opportunity to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in decades. A few years ago, I joined Twitter too and found it to be…

Demystifying the Editorial Process of Scientific Journals

The following contains my views on the publishing process for scientists and engineers submitting manuscripts to academic journals. My views are based on my experience serving as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fire Safety Journal (Elsevier) from 2016-2018. Fresh out of my PhD, I received two very different decisions on two manuscripts from my dissertation: Paper 1 was…

What the Wildfire Community Can Learn from Civil Engineers on Hazard Mitigation

The field of civil engineering has long been involved in mitigating hazards affecting communities. Fires, however, have generally fallen outside of the purview of civil engineering, possibly due to the fact that civil engineering education does not provide the necessary background in fire science. Nonetheless, “resilience” is a term that spans the civil engineering and…


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