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What the Wildfire Community Can Learn from Civil Engineers on Hazard Mitigation

The field of civil engineering has long been involved in mitigating hazards affecting communities. Fires, however, have generally fallen outside of the purview of civil engineering, possibly due to the fact that civil engineering education does not provide the necessary background in fire science. Nonetheless, “resilience” is a term that spans the civil engineering and […]

On Verification

Those who are new to scientific computing often underestimate the importance of verification and validation (V&V). Verification is the process of ensuring that your code solves the governing equations correctly, whereas validation involves demonstrating that your model accurately simulates reality by comparing to empirical data. V&V is the cornerstone of computational modeling and should be […]

Why I Drink

For many, dealing with mental illness also involves overcoming a substance use disorder. In my case, I have self-medicated for a long time with alcohol, and the situation reached an unsustainable level during the pandemic. Today, I am working on living a healthier lifestyle. My doctor asked me to think about the reasons why I […]

What I’m Reading: “The Center Cannot Hold”

Elyn Saks is a hero of mine. Ever since I watched her TED talk, I had to know more about her. She is an esteemed professor of law at University of Southern California. She holds an impressive slate of degrees from Vanderbilt, Oxford, and Yale. She also happens to have schizophrenia.  In her memoir, The Center Cannot Hold (2007), […]


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